Make table BatchAction help text configurable

Registered by LIU Yulong

This blueprint will provide a simple way to let horizon developer
could customize the BatchAction help text.

Make table BatchAction help text configurable

Now the BatchAction help text is consistent:
"Please confirm your selection.This action cannot be undone."

It's useful for most of the table/row action. But for some
DeleteAction, inherited from BatchAction, this help text is not
clear enough for users to understand the consequence. The delete
action is mostly dangerous. The help text does not point out
what this action will cause.

Need table action tests.

Other Requirements
Need another patch to add all the important BatchAction/DeleteAction
with appropriate help text.

Blueprint information

David Lyle
LIU Yulong
LIU Yulong
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Accepted for kilo
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milestone icon 2015.1.0
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LIU Yulong
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LIU Yulong

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Add help text to BatchAction:

TODO: need another patch to add all the important BatchAction with Appropriate help text.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/make-batchaction-help-text-configurable,n,z

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    Make table BatchAction help text configurable

[Lin] Nov-17-2014 - Please format the description to follow the BP template here:

asahlin: I think this is a good improvement to allow for customizable help text. Showing my horizon newbieness (is that a word :-) ) Why limit it to just batch & delete action classes is there other action classes that have confirmation / help text? If so should open this plug-ability to those as well.

[LIU Yulong Nov-25-2014] Batch & delete action does not need any form to handle the request. And there is no template for them to render. Other actions, mostly, open a form to handle the user request. In these forms' template html file, there is a block named "Description" where you can describe your action in great detail.

amotoki (Nov 27, 2014) - It is a good improvement.
One question: The description mentions "Needs another important patch for BatchAction" as a requirement. Could you share a link of a review or a blueprint? Without it, we cannot asses which milestone this blueprint fits to.

[LIU Yulong Nov-28-2014] Hi, I submitted another bp to do the "add help text" work. But this bp must be implemented first.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/add-batchactions-help-text,n,z

Addressed by:
    Add help text to DeleteAction

Addressed by:
    Add help text to BatchAction


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