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This is a redesign of the launch instance form which will incorporate the UX collaboration done in the community before during and after the Kilo design summit. It will be based on angular and will incorporate many aspects of the development previously done by Maxime Vidori and will be jointly developed by HP, eNovance, and Intel. It will also track the ongoing angular discussions and changes happening in Horizon.

Launching an instance is often one of the first touch points that new users have with OpenStack. The current launch instance form has been received poorly by new users and causes OpenStack to be unapproachable. We want to enable a more modern UI that is also more end-consumer friendly.

The launch instance workflow will include a modern layout, access to enhanced descriptions, and an improved help system.

We will break it out into multiple pieces and patches, starting with a reusable angular based wizard. Additional potential breakouts will be a new reusable table format design. Each step may be broken into separate patches as well. We'll do our best to create easy to review code, which may mean multiple dependent patches.

The initial revision will only add a few incremental features over current functionality:
 * Add a network from within the launch wizard
 * Provide easy access to additional descriptive information about flavors, images, and volumes. In Juno, a metadata catalog was added to Glance which provides the ability for rich information to be looked up about the properties on things like flavors, images, and volumes. For example, a flavor may have specific information about the virtual cpu topology it exposes or an image may set specific shutdown behavior. This information, along with a description of it will be available to users by leveraging this catalog.

This was discussed in numerous sessions at the Kilo summit:

Links to discussions at summit:
UX discussion:
Contributors meetup:


The design has been done with the community and will be continued to be iterated on as necessary.

Wireframes, Mocks, Videos and UI Markup
The user experience has been mocked up through many rounds of iteration with the community as well as multiple formal usability studies:

The iteration in the community has led to the following concepts being incorporated:

 * Be approachable to new users with information and help readily available
 * Ease of navigation between sections of information
 ** Support a layout that will allow deployers to add / remove steps in the future
 * Allow immediate launch as soon as the minimal possible information is set
 * Provide quick access to advanced settings for advanced users
 * Support adding networks as part of launch

Reviewers will be able to pull the patch from Gerritt. Initially, we may provide a private URL for them to access as it is developed. Eventually, the current Launch Instance button will be wired to launch the new workflow.

Outside Dependencies
Is this functionality already supported in other services? Yes. If landed in Kilo, the wizard may be updated to also take advantage of the Glance elasticsearch capability being developed.

List the appropriate API calls and if they are extensions or base API functionality. The below are all the existing APIs that are base functionality which will be used.


Requirements Update Required
Angular 1.3.7
Jasmine 2.x
Angular-Bootstrap added
Others as determined by angular discussions happening in the community.

Doc Impact
This should describe any changes to Horizon documentation that will be required. This could include:
  * settings file changes that will be required
  * changes to default behaviors
  * any deprecation or obsolescence notices

Only docs that have screenshots or discussion of the current workflow should be affected.


# determine the experience to enable. Set them both to true to enable
# both.


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David Lyle
Travis Tripp
Travis Tripp
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Accepted for kilo
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Travis Tripp
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David Lyle

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Note: Some design and collaboration across companies is being tracked here: See here:

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    WIP Re-designed and Angularized tables

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    WIP Cinder REST API for angular front end

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    Metadata widget support for default values

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    Adding Advanced step to base launch instance wizard

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    Refactor of Metadata Widget

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    Warning popover in transfer tables

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    REST Angular for Cinder Fix

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    WIP - Launch instance - common style

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    Updated Wizard Help Panel Design

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    Add callback to allow controller notification of allocation change

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    Demo for transfer tables and basic table

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    Add 'decode' Angular filter

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    upstream deltas needed for neutron api

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    Launch Instance Step - Key Pair Import

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    Launch Instance - Optional Network Enabled

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    WIP Angular alert service - add auto dismiss

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    Angular alert service - refactor use


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