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In horizon for supporting cisco DFA ( Dynamic Fabric Automation) requirement, we need to add a new option. And it should be displayed when a network is created.
The new option is called 'configuration profile'. In order to conditionally execute the changes for cisco DFA, a new flag will be added to OPENSTACK_NEUTRON_NETWORK, i.e. cisco_dfa_support.
If the flag is True, the 'configuration profile' will be displayed along with other options when creating a network and user can select one of the available profile from the list. The list of profiles are fetched from the newly added database. The database is getting populated by a driver which will be added as part of ML2 cisco DFA mechanism driver.

The link below has detail information regarding cisco DFA (Dynamic Fabric Automation)

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David Lyle
Milton Xu
Nader Lahouti
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David Lyle

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We would like to get the implementation reviewed and committed for the Juno release

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Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bp/horizon-cisco-dfa-support,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/83863
    Initial commit to support Cisco DFA in horizon

[May-15 2014 mrunge] I think we should take care of not to pollute settings with various is_allowed, is_installed, is_whatever options. I'd love to see to configure those options directly in Neutron and see a provided api in neutron to get config directly from there instead of enabling/disabling it manually in neutron and in horizon as well.

nlahouti May 20 10:24 AM
Hi Mathias,
Thanks for the review. Regarding your comments, there is an existing API in neutron.py which returns list of extensions supported by neutron. The decision can be made based on the supported extensions by a plugin to take proper action in the GUI (such as displaying a field). This way we can avoid having config parameter in the local_settings.py.
Also, as we need to show/initialize fields conditionally there would be if...else cases in the code.
Will this approach address your comment?

[May-28 2014, mrunge]
yes. avoiding that unnecessary config option sounds good to me.

Sadly, your blueprint says nothing about the feature itself and could address adding a print service, penguin on demand or a cat feeder. Please be more specific.

[June2,2014, Milton]
The 'Read whole specification" link above in this BP has some additional info.

In particular, it contains further links that discuss Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA) in details. I list the whitepaper link and general DFA link below for your easy reference:

- Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation: Use a Single Network Architecture for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Deployments (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/data-center-virtualization/unified-fabric/white_paper_c11-728337.html)
- Cisco DFA external page (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/data-center-virtualization/unified-fabric/dynamic_fabric_automation.html#~Overview)


[jpichon 2014.06.10] Move status to "Code needs review" since there is a patch associated.

[david-lyle | 2014-06-23] dependent on pending neutron changes.

[david-lyle 2014.07.14] Moving milestone to j-3

[amotoki 2014.07.30] Add dependency on neutron blueprint to allow Horizon team to track the whole status.

[david-lyle] cisco specific code now lives in a separate plugin repo


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