Hide L3 router panel by configuration

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The goal of this blueprint is to allow operators to disable L3 Router features by configuration options.

Neutron setup allows operators not to enable Router feautre (by not using Router service plugin in neutron.conf) [bug 1292022],
and some Neutron plugin does not support Router feature [bug 1160580].

According to bug 1350639 there is also a case where operators want to disable Router panel from their policy.

Considering the above, it seems nice we have a option to control Router panel.

The proposed solutions are:

(1) Add a new config option 'enable_router' to OPENSTACK_NEUTRON_NETWORK.
The default is True as router feature is enabled in most deployments and it is the current default behavior of Horizon.
If this option is False, Router panel will disappear.

(2) Network Topology panel shows routers in the topology map and also has "Create Router" button.
If "enable_router" set to False, routers in the topology map are not displayed now and "Create Router" button is not shown.

(3) Introduce "enable_floatingip" option to OPENSTACK_NEUTRON_NETWORK.
In Neutron, floating IP feature is provided by L3 router extension, so Floating IP feature also needs to be disabled in deployments without L3 router feature. On the other hand, there may be a case where operators just want not to provide router features to users. To handle this case, I think it is nice to have a separate option for "floating_ip".
This option only affects Neutron enabled setup. If this option is set to False, "Floating IP" tab and "Associate/Disassociate Floating IP" menu in the instance table are not shown.

Blueprint information

David Lyle
Akihiro Motoki
Akihiro Motoki
Series goal:
Accepted for juno
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2014.2
Started by
Akihiro Motoki
Completed by
David Lyle


Action items:
- Refactor Network Topology JSONView.get
- Add enable_router option to enable/disable Router panel and router related items in network topology panel
- Add enable_floating_ip option to disable Floating IP tab in "Access and Security" panel and Floating IP associate/disassociate menus in "Instances" table.

Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bug/1350639,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/113335
    Refactor network topology JSONView class

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/113336
    Add a config option to disable Router panel

Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bp/hide-router-panel-by-config,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/114088
    Disable Floating IP features if Neutron router is disabled

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/189459
    Disable Floating IP features if Neutron router is disabled


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