Expose image owner info on Horizon

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Image owner info is missing from image's detail page, would be nice to have if you need to contact owner. Adding this data under images table as well as under a specific image would also be helpful.

Currently image owner is only accessible via CLI.

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Hi..i want to contribute for this is this started ?

[2014-12-10 Arvinder Singh]@david: Thanks for assigining me the Blueprint. Can you please guide me with the requirements, What i have understand till now is that we have to put image owner information in the image table in horizon when we click "Image section" in horizon apart from this we have to display image owner information in the image detail page but currently Juno release has this image owner info in detail page. So should i start implementing the same for only putting the image owner information in Image table ?

[2014-12-12 Arvinder Singh]@Tzach Shefi: Thanks for replying on the mail. So as of now it has been clear that the image owner information is seen on the image detail page in Juno release. So as of now i will be starting implementation of putting the image owner info in the image table. So apart from this let me know if some other information or anything else need to be done.

[2015-01-28 mrunge] please add owner updates here, too.

Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bp/expose-image-owner-info,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/142671
    Expose Image owner info in the image table

[2015-02-20 david-lyle] This patch is altering the table on the index view rather than the details view. Which is confusing and probably not hugely beneficial and competing for highly coveted space in the table. The details view contains the owner ID already. So I'm removing this as a targeted blueprint.


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