Django 2.0 support

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The goal of this blueprint is to make horizon work with Django 2.0.
We will support Django 1.11 (LTS) and Django 2.0+.


Debian will switch the default Django version to 2.x soon. Although Django 2.0 is not LTS, it seems worth considering support of Django 2.0.

Apart from 1.11, Django 2.0 is the only release supported by Django community.
Django changes a lot release by release, so it sounds better to catch up with the changes as much as possible.


The following works are planned:

* Catch up with Django 2.0 features and handle removed interface in Django 2.0.
* More python 3 support. Django 2.0 requires python 3, and if we test more with Django 2.0 some modification for python 3 might be needed.
* Drop Django <= 1.10 support because Django 2.0+ and Django <=1.10 are not compatible. We will drop Django <=1.10 support in Queens, so it is not a problem. Precisely this is not a part of this blueprint.

No UX impact.

Existing unit test covers the change. We will add py35dj20 tox env.

In addition, tox manage-py35dj20 env will be added so that we can use runserver with Django 2.0 easily.

Outside Dependencies
Django 2.0 which was release this December.
The default version is kept to Django 1.11 (which is LTS).

Requirements Update Required
The default version is kept to Django 1.11 so there is no g-r change required.

Doc Impact
Needs to update the dependencies section in the installation guide (which is already obsolete now :/

Blueprint information

Ying Zuo
Akihiro Motoki
Akihiro Motoki
Series goal:
Accepted for 14.0.0-rocky
Milestone target:
milestone icon rocky-1
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Akihiro Motoki
Completed by
Akihiro Motoki

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Gerrit topic:

Addressed by:
    python3: long does not exist in python 3

Addressed by:
    django2: Replace django.core.urlresolves with django.urls

Addressed by:
    django2: Replace assignment_tag with simple_tag

Addressed by:
    django2: is_authenticated/is_anonymous is now property only

Addressed by:
    django2: Fix 3-tuple ImproperlyConfigured error

Addressed by:
    Make old django tests non-voting

Addressed by:
    django2: Drop SessionAuthenticationMiddleware

Addressed by:
    django2: adopt New-style middleware

Addressed by:
    Django2: Use new custom template loader interface

Addressed by:
    Suppress unnecessary logging output in UTs

Addressed by:
    Fix python 3 related test failures

Addressed by:
    Drop django.VERSION branches

[yingzuo - 2017/12/17] Can you use the template for new blueprints?
[amotoki] I updated the description. Honestly I cannot find the new template when I created the blueprint. There is no reference in our contribution doc.....

[Dec 21, 2017 - amotoki] We discussed Django support plan in today's team meeting and Django 2.0 support is targeted to Rocky.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/django2-support,n,z

Addressed by:
    Update Django versions in horizon requirements


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