Rework the data processing UI: Add wizards

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For both the Juno and Kilo summits, there has been a frustration expressed with
the Data Processing user interface with respect to it not being intuitive or easy
to use without a lot of experience. One of the solutions proposed was to add
some help in the UI in the form of a guide for cluster creation as well as
job executions.

The Data Processing system should be as easy and intuitive to use as possible.
The existing set of panels provide a great deal of functionality, but little in the
way of guidance to a user trying to figure out which order they need to set
things up in order to get a cluster and/or a job to run.

In short, the Data Processing panel group should have a new "overview" (name
TBD) panel that can give a quick glance at the status of the system (running
clusters/jobs) and also have the ability to launch guides that will assist the user
through the process of creating a cluster or executing a job.

Update Feb 17: There won't be an overview page for this cycle. There will be a new panel, "Guides" that contains buttons to launch either a cluster guide or a job execution guide.

After brief interactions with some UX people, it was decided that the best approach for this cycle would be to implement a page/panel that will guide the user through cluster/job execution creation via a fair amount of text that includes links to each of the necessary steps. This solution allows us to re-use much of our existing forms and provides the user with a meaningful way of navigating through them.

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There are no wireframes/mocks/videos available.

Tests will be added in Horizon to cover the guide pages.

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There is a dashboard user guide available in the Sahara documentation. It will need
to be updated to reflect the changes.

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David Lyle
Chad Roberts
Chad Roberts
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Accepted for kilo
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milestone icon 2015.1.0
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David Lyle
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David Lyle

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