Ceilometer Hosts(Hypervisors) Measurements

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Adding statistics for Hosts(Hypervisors) from Ceilometer monitoring a physical devices
IPMI - as far as it will be available only via Ironic API, we can't use it in overcloud
- speed Fan, voltage, temperature
- power on/off would be great (especially for heat)
- os failure

- cpu, network, memory, disk

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[mrunge | 20.9.2013]
We were briefly talking on irc about this.

Since this is very hardware related, it'll make sense to collect those in a new dashboard. The new dashboard can also contain the router configuration currently held separate. The idea is to put everything hardware related into the new dashboard.

[lsmola | 23.9.2013]

Feedback from tripleo from devananda: "Hardware agents in under vs. over cloud, it makes sense t ome to bundle ceilometer agents in the images used to deploy the overcloud. However there is no place for using IPMI to monitor things within the overcloud. No need and no benefit that I see right now. Using IPMI in the undercloud to monitor the health and state of the baremetal nodes (on which the overcloud is running) seems logical"

[lsmola | 23.10.2013]

The questions to answer in Horizon meeting

1. Do Horizon Admin user wants to show Hardware and Hardware related statistics?
2. Do Horizon Admin user wants do define Alarms with hardware statistics?

The problems identified so far

1. The whole Overcloud will most probably not see the IPMI interface when installed via tripleo, it will be managed via Undercloud.
2. SNMP agent would have to be duplicated for sending data to Undercloud and Overcloud ceilometer. One agent shouldn't be possible to communicate to both, it would brake layers. And Undercloud will need to have the data because of Undercloud Heat(most probably).

Possible options

1. Move all Hardware related things to Undercloud and Tuskar (a link in Horizon would lead to Undercloud openstack?)
2. Make infrastructure section in overcloud Horizon read only, the exact same one would be in Undercloud (there will be more abstractions in Undercloud) but it would allow to manage hardware? Links between them? Could this be a possible point of merging Tuskar-UI into Horizon?
Could this be architecture based on services, as the Horizon already is? So if we have Tuskar and related Ceilometer meters, we could show hardware management and stats. If we see just ceilometer hardware related meters, lets show them... ? One code, rules them all?


Does it make sense, we will implement the hardware related stats in Tuskar(Tripleo-UI now), then merge the UI with Horizon, once the tripleo and Tuskar-UI is ready? It would show the relevant panels on infrastructure tabs, depending of what services are available. (available Tuskar will mean, we are in Undercloud, or in general, management of hardware is possible. Otherwise the hardware is read only)
This way we will avoid the duplication of hardware/infrastructure related pages, both in Tuskar and Horizon.


There will be a IA discussion about this.

The temporary conclusion is, that we should avoid duplication of code, but some code will probably have to go to Horizon sooner, as the Tuskar integration may happen pretty late.

[david-lyle | 2015-08-26] IPMI data is already supported, hence the superseded. Otherwise no progress in > 2 years.


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