Configurable setting to allow operators to require admin users provide search criteria first, before loading any data

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Have a configurable setting to allow operators to require admin users to provide search criteria first before loading any data.

Currently if there is a large amount of resources in the environment, the admin views take too much time to load. Making a series of API calls to populate the table with the first 20 of say 1000 items is wasteful and has a low likelihood of success.
Horizon needs to have a configurable feature that allows requiring admin users to provide a set of filters before loading the data in the views, so that the user only gets what he/she needs.

- There will be a configurable setting that can be set in the file:
      'admin.instances': False,
      'admin.volumes': False,
      'admin.networks': False,
      'admin.images': False
- The default value of the dict attributes will be False
- A set of new filter inputs will be displayed in the admin views (Investigate APIs server side filtering first)
- If the FILTER_DATA_FIRST key,value is True; then the admin views will display an empty table and a message notifying the user that a search criteria must be applied first
- The change will target Instances, Volumes, Images, Networks and Routers admin views
- At least one filter must be selected before submitting the search criteria

Change targeted views behavior to display an empty table and a message to inform the user about specifying a search criteria first
if the configuration variable is set to True

Wireframes, Mocks, Videos and UI Markup
If the FILTER_DATA_FIRST key-value is set to True the targeted view will show an empty table but with an embedded text message saying "Please specify a search criteria first."
A search criteria filtering input(s) will be available to the user as part of the standard table filtering.

Outside Dependencies
collect information about API server side filtering for Instances, Volumes, Images and Networks
and implement available filters

Doc Impact
- Changes to settings file will be required to add the new configuration value. Need to document this new variable
- The data loading behavior of admin views will change when the new configuration value is set to True. Need to document this behavior.
- Release Note item also needs to be added.

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David Lyle
Daniel Castellanos
Daniel Castellanos
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Accepted for 10.0.0-newton
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Daniel Castellanos
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Daniel Castellanos

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