Admin resource usage page - Statistics and charts connected to ceilometer - Enhancements of the blueprint from H3

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Implementation of Resource usage page in Admin Tab
Should contain:
- sortable tables (via AJAX) of resources with most important statistics (all resource types)
- line charts with multiple series of resources showing statistics in time
- aggregate statistics (same as above but aggregate of resources by Users and Projects)
- details list of alerts + maybe health chart + timeseries chart of alerts

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David Lyle
Jaromir Coufal
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Ladislav Smola
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Not started
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Matthias Runge

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[jcoufal] Ongoing discussion is happening on G+ UX Community group:

The sorting is blocked by GroupBy blueprint of the ceilometer.

The detailed overview of the instances will be added later.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/admin-resource-usage-page,n,z

Addressed by:
    Adding Rickshaw as dependency

Addressed by:
    Adding reusable Line Chart

Addressed by:
    Add metering panel to admin console

Addressed by:
    Add ceilometer api and the tests for it

[lsmola - the old conversation- need to extract the important stuff]

[gabrielhurley] Notes from the design summit session:
Basic charts and graphs:
Integrate ceilometer in the existing panels instead of separate section of the UI
Reporting for more than one project? -> Data should be filtered only by "openstack" source in the admin view
Metering for the user vs metering for the admin
How do we visualize the data?
Maybe only show data that appears to indicate an issue?
"Show me what's broken"
heat map of instances
rank order list based on consumption
sparklines (v2 api?)
RPC - Join consumer pool

What API changes are needed in ceilometer?
aggregate stats by resource to select max, min, etc.
ordering, limiting
Support for grouping/aggregating of data in ceilometer, not in horizon
Source code:

[jpichon 10.06.2013] A few general comments about the code currently on github, that should ideally be fixed up.

   * The panel and directory should probably be renamed to "metering" or "resources_usage" rather than "ceilometer", to be consistent with the other panels that do no use project codenames.
   * The import ordering needs to be fixed in many files (cf. - : first stdlib imports, then 3rd party (e.g. django), then horizon specific, separated by a blank line). They're often all mixed up at the moment.
   * The file is empty, we should at least be testing that the different view urls load fine, as well as the utils-like functions currently defined in (Appreciate the tests and test data for the API itself!)
   * A minor one but in the tabs for the allowed() method, it doesn't look like using a set() to redefine the permissions (set(permissions)) is actually needed since we know there aren't duplicates?
   * I wonder (maybe a future feature/patch?) if it would be possible to offer a view to the user, so that non-admins can also see the data that relates to their tenant? (I'm not familiar with ceilometer so perhaps this isn't currently possible)
   * I don't understand the goal of the StringWithPlusOperation classes in, it would be nice to make the name and/or doc strings clearer.
   * The FilterAction classes in are pretty much the same, it should be possible to make the class generic and reuse it across tables.
   * With regard to addHorizonLoadEvent in stats.html, we usually first check that jQuery is loaded, see e.g. /openstack_dashboard/dashboards/admin/users/templates/users/_update.html
   * Is the samples.html template actually used/needed?

Also, something else that might well be obvious but just in case... before pushing to Gerrit there are a number of commits can probably be squashed together, particularly when it comes to chart updates and alternative approaches that were ultimately dismissed (e.g. the jquery-ui route).

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/ceilometer,n,z

Addressed by:
    Add ceilometerclient and bootstrap-datepicker as dependency.

Addressed by:
    Add ceilometer api and the tests for it.

[2013-07-15 | Gabriel] There's still a good deal of work that needs to happen here and the discussion seems to be expanding rather than narrowing to a consensus. As such I'm pushing this to H3.

[dklyle 2013-08-28] This is split from the base ceilometer BP. It will be the only panel in Havana to use ceilometer data. Was split from base ceilometer BP as it was being rescoped.

Addressed by:
    Add metering panel to admin console

[david-lyle Dec 2 2013] We don't have an owner and too much ceilometer work for one person at this point, so moving to future. If something changes, we can always bring this back into Icehouse.


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