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Template Blueprint for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
This is a blueprint to provide a template for future blueprints. All of the below fields should be populated before a blueprint can be approved. "N/A" is an acceptable answer where applicable. Summary ======= A couple of sentences summarizing the goal of this blueprint. Motivation ======== This field should contai...
Volumes, snapshots and keypairs show all objects for all tenants in the Horizon user dash. This is different from instances and security groups which only show the tenant info regardless of admin/non-admin. Related to bug:
All Strings Localizable for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Add gettext support for all strings in Dashboard.
Add Trove panels unit-tests in Horizon for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Adding Trove(DBaaS) panels unit tests via horizon testing framework for validation of trove dashboard integration.
remove-unittest2 for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
unittest2 codes should be removed from horizon since we prefer testtools.
Suggested Features & Enhancements for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
This blueprint exists to capture suggested features and enhancements that are without code. There is value in capturing these suggestions, but it should not obstruct our organisation of bugs or blueprints. Any bugs or blueprints that suggest new enhancements should be marked as 'Opinion' (bugs) or 'Obsolete' (bluep...

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