Blueprint assignments for “Hexwars”

This listing shows the assignment of work for blueprints currently associated with Hexwars. The drafter is responsible for getting the specification correctly written up and approved. The approver is usually the person who would sign off on the specification.

16 of 6 specifications
Priority Name Definition Delivery Assignee Drafter Approver
5 Essential Make magician a ranged combat unit 0 Approved 8 Beta Available Patrik Schönfeldt Patrik Schönfeldt
4 High Animations in the end of the round 0 Approved 8 Beta Available Klaas Oetken
4 High Split hotseat into client and server on the same machine 2 Review 5 Started
2 Low Make units more cartoon like. 3 Drafting 5 Started
1 Undefined Make Allegro 5 the only dependency 0 Approved 8 Beta Available
1 Undefined hwmap02: “real”save games (including orders, healthpoints, etc.) 5 New 8 Beta Available
16 of 6 specifications