Implement processing of an initial HOT hello world example

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Implement end-to-end processing of an initial hello world style example using the HOT DSL being developed. That work involves the following items:

1) Finalize an initial hello world HOT template
2) Implement the engine code that will consume the HOT template and deploy it successfully
3) Document the HOT DSL constructs used in the hello world example

This BP is related to [1] and actually a break-down item of [1] to make it more actionable.


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Steven Hardy
Thomas Spatzier
Thomas Spatzier
Series goal:
Accepted for havana
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2013.2
Started by
Thierry Carrez
Completed by
Thomas Spatzier

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Goal is to be able to consume an initial HOT template without impacting current CFN functionality. Steven Hardy drafted an initial patch that can serve as starting point for writing the engine part for this BP:

Based on this patch, the plan is to evolve the code and identify other parts that might need changes so an initial HOT template can be consumed and deployed successfully.

As for the sample template, several samples have been posted as results of discussions (see below). Those will be used as input and consolidated into one definitive hello world sample, also considering all review comments posted on those drafts. The samples are here:

Outcome of this work will be:
1) Patch to openstack/heat for the processing code
2) Patch to openstack/heat-templates for the final sample
3) Documentation of HOT features used in sample

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/hot-hello-world,n,z

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    Changes for HOT hello world template processing

(thomas-spatzier 2013-07-09)
Setting this bp to implemented, since hello world sample and processing code have been delivered. Will open addtional bps for h3 to add more features to HOT.


Work Items

Work items:
Initial Code: DONE
Unit Test: DONE

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