Allow Plugins to provide custom Fn:: functions

Registered by Zane Bitter on 2013-02-06

The idea here is to be able to extend the templating system with your own functions.

This will be based on the same plugin system as used for resources. However functions are a bit trickier: there are two sets of functions we run at different times - ones dealing with static data and ones dealing with runtime data. We may need to provide a way to register each type separately.

We also currently apply functions in a fixed order, which is likely (although not guaranteed) to result in everything in the template being able to be resolved. We'll probably need to fix this so that all functions are guaranteed to resolve no matter their order of nesting.

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Steven Hardy
Zane Bitter
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Zane Bitter on 2013-02-06
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Zane Bitter on 2014-03-11

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(stevebaker) It looks like the direction for HOT is for a small focused group of functions, and implementing some function-type behaviour with resources. Should we obsolete this blueprint for now?

(zaneb) There are some possible architectural benefits (especially with supporting multiple template formats) to doing this work. I'm actually playing around with some stuff at the moment, so let's no obsolete it quite yet.

(pafuent) If I got it right, dependencies among resources are now handled considering only a limited set of specific functions ( Just in case, let's have in mind that this plugin system should also handle all the generated dependecies among resources derived from the plugged custom functions.

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    Add a base class for pluggable functions

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    Refactor re-resolving of templates

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    Re-resolve functions during stack update

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    Calculate dependencies based on unresolved template

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    Evaluate lazy functions in autoscaling launch config

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    unit tests: Always resolve static functions

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    Fix test_association_eip unit test

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    unit tests: Fix types in Fn::ResourceFacade tests

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    unit tests: Refactor to accomodate lazy evaluation

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    Replace function resolution with lazy evaluation

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    Move HOT to a separate subpackage

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    Provide access to the template version

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    Disallow Heat-only functions in CloudFormation templates

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    Move built-in functions to separate modules

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    Remove Fn::FindInMap from HOT

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    Give cfn a separate Template class

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    Add a plugin_manager module

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    Use PluginManager to load resources

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    Load functions from plugins

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    Move the code that reads the global environment

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    Docs: use the plugin manager to list resources

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