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ufw list command for Gufw
WRONG PROJECT, SORRY, PLEASE DELETE Hello all, I'd like to suggest implementing "ufw list" command which prints rules in the same way ufw adds them. It would simplify the usage a lot. For example: $ ufw reject out to port 8080 Rule added $ ufw reject out to port 8000 Rule added $ ufw list...
It would be nice to able to edit a rule. Now you have to delete the rule(s) then add new rule(s) if you make a mistake.
Como en Firestarter,La posibilidad de bloquear todas las conexiones salientes,permitiendo solo las expresamente creadas
Veo útil poder acceder a un monitor de conexiones, bien sea en una terminal o mediante una interfaz gráfica para poder ver que conexiones estamos utilizando y cuales están bloqueadas y cuales permitidas. Que pueda activarse de forma voluntaria, ya que si va incorporada consumirá más recursos y creo que esa no es la ...
with policy kit ?can we have that?
warning button for Gufw
is it possible to let ufwgui show when it blocks ´bad traffic´/ unauthorized traffic? (changing color as a warning, or something in its lay-out)
Now with dbus, it's possible to open a software as normal user, and have a button to unlock it as root like ofr example the "Network" in Ubuntu in System > Administration > Network. Just near the close button, there is a "Unlock".

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