The Grok Docs Review/Maintenance Process

Registered by Tim Cook on 2009-06-26

This blueprint (see the Whiteboard) describes to volunteer reviewers the steps reviewing documentation during this "clean-up" phase. Once complete we can go into a maintenance phase for all Grok Community documentation.

It is currently listed as "New". We want to get some feedback from a few more volunteers and then when it is steady and understandable it will be moved to the "Approved" status and will be distributed to the wider Grok Community.

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Tim Cook
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Tim Cook
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Proposed for 1.0
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Tim Cook on 2009-07-05

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CURRENT GOAL: Review and edit existing community documentation to prepare it for the Grok 1.0 release.

1. A person creates an id on Launchpad (LP).

2. Login and go to
   All document related blueprints begin with 'doc-'

3. Locate a Blueprint with a document name that you will review for
compatibility with the current Grok 1.0x release. Click the link.

4. Post a message on [grok-doc] with your Launchpad username and a link to the Blueprint you want to edit/review and start working on it. The grok-doc team will add you as "assignee" on the Blueprint
NOTE: You can start reviewing the content immediately, don't wait for us!

5. [Read the full specification ยป] click that link to take you to the

6. Now go through the document and check that it works with the current
Grok release. If you find errors there are two things you can do.

a) add a "brief" comment about incompatibility with the current release
that will allow someone to continue.

b) if you simply cannot make the howto/tutorial or other document work
according to its intended purpose then please add all tracebacks and
additional commentary that you can to the Blueprint Whiteboard.

In both cases the original author will be contacted and asked to please
update their previous work.

In the case of 6(b) it is very likely that the document will be placed
in a 'retracted' status until it is updated.

This is all part of this first-phase cleanup work. In the future these
Blueprints will be available for people to actually file bug reports
about documentation and that bug linked directly to the Blueprint.

These capabilities should allow us to maintain great quality in the


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