Controlling modules from within goobi

Registered by Matthias Ronge on 2012-04-18

The module interface shall be useful to integrate further functionality into goobi. By now, there is no way to control this functionality. There should be a way for modules to integrate their own control panels into goobi, e.g. like follows:

An “External Services” page shall show up in the main menu if any web service configured in modules.xml offers an xform on the “system.methodHelp” call.

The xform shall describe the input fields that goobi has to render to fulfill the signature of the given method. The subset of xforms elements label, input, select1[selection=closed], select[selection=closed], upload, submit and help shall be supported.

For the xforms elements input and select1 the id attribute shall indicate the 1-based index of a string in the signature of the web service method to accept the input.

For the select element each item’s value element shall indicate the 1-based index of a boolan in the signature of the web service method; and for the the upload element, the id attribute shall indicate the 1-based index of a base64 in the signature of the web service method to accept the input.

The input element shall support the xs:pattern="{Regular Expression}" attribute from XML Schema which shall validate against the the entire input sequence (as java.lang.String.matches() is defined).

The return of the web service call shall be displayed to the user.


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I can't see where title and specification go together. Please shorten the title and provide the most significant keywords.

Do you suggest to integrate external service configuration panels?
Where does this fit into the goobi workflow?

Here are some images to illustrate the Idea: (Overview panel) (Dialog of a backing up service) (Result of a control action)

The idea is to allow action to be controlled within the same front-end using the web services interface. Afaik, web services can by now only be connected, but not controlled.
Matthias Ronge, Zeutschel


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