Gnomenu 3.0 specs

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Now that gnomenu 2.0 is released its time to think about gnomenu 3.0

here are some thoughts about what gnomenu 3 should be:

Create a python plugin system that each theme creator can use:
image a theme maker whats to put a custom widget (weather, clock, calendar) in the menu, we should support this - REMOVED MAYBE UNTIL 4.0

Finish the migration for xfce:
This still depends on the completion of xfce-python. STILL NEEDS PROPER PYTHON XFCE BINDINGS

Improve speed:
Some new functions in gnomenu are still slow, we should find a way to improve this. DONE . STILL ROOM FOR MORE IMPROVMENTS

Release schedule :
GnoMenu should implement a monthly release, or 2 times a month, but i think i prefer only once a month

Support other docks:
Gnomenu 2.0 supports gnome-panel, xfce panel (using xfapplet), and avant-window-navigator.
We should also support Cairo-dock , and Gnome-do Docky, Cairo-dock implementation is possible using dbus, i dont know if docky supports any third party language applet - DONE

Migrate the panel applet from bonobo to dbus - REQUIRES PYTHON BINDINGS

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im working on this

I had a thought that we could invoke some sort of sub theme set where if the theme supports it that a logo could be changed. The idea being that say a theme, like my Azenis2 theme, can be made to many times or just once. If I honored all the requests to change the color, or the distribution logo I would be making several copies.

Now add an ability to use logos and change them as a sub-theme and I make the menu once but just create new logos. The menu can state if it supports the logo sub-theme here <Capabilities HasSearch="1" HasIcon="1" HasFadeTransition="1" UsesLogoSubTheme="0"/>\

Directory structure would be:


The directory name determines the logo name but inside the file is ALWAYS named logo.png.

Let me know if you need more info

im not shure i understand what this mean, could you make a mockup of some kind?

Here are the specifications I have in mind:

I will also email them to you, both pdf and odt version.


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