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The idea is to monitor application that's run for the first time on the computer (Mean that GNOME Pad haven't see before) and then check for an existing module that could manage this application.

At the beginning, all modules are disabled.
For example, I start for the first time Rhythmbox. (Nothing happen)
I select music file on my hard drive, then Rhythmbox import them. (Nothing happen)
I double click on a song to start listening it, and then, GNOME Pad see that the Rhythmbox module handle this application's action. So GNOME Pad show a message (on bottom of it), and maybe notify user, that the given module could be enabled.

If the user answer yes, GNOME Pad update settings to enable Rhythmbox, and load the module.
If the user answer no, GNOME Pad add the module in the blacklist to don't redo this in the future. This mean that if the user want in the future to enable this module, he will have to go in the Preferences screen to enable it.

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Hey, do you see my mockups? my idea of it is:
   if app is not runing, there is no need to see it on GP. It shown only if i select option "make launch pad" XD. So, if i select this, pad show button to open app.
   So ok, if i run app, new pad open in GP without any permission. But if i don't like it, i press close button on it.
Now remember my last pad. It collect all pads closed this way. So if i want to restore it, i press on it, and see listing of this pads.


Could you put the link to the mockup please ?


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