Create a module for GNOME Media Player

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This application should become a very popular application.

We should add a module of it.

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 if you watching video you will have this in focus, why I need to open GP wile viewing movie?
but i think, it can be.

look: I watch film, and get new mess. What i will do? I will pause movie and open GP. Read and maybe answer. Next i press button on GP - "Continue watch movie". Player will unpaused, and maybe open in full screen (if it was)

 first we need to add modules for sound and mess apps, i think


Yeah ok. We should implement as optional the possibility to warn the user of new messages during the movie through a mini window maybe, and the user have the choice between :
 - Do nothing, cause he still want to watch the movie, then the window disappear
 - Click on a button that popup GP and minimize the movie and then have the button like in your mockup (

We also should add the possibility to notify the user if the messaging application don't do that (with the new notification module of Ubuntu ), and then activate keyboard shortcut like CTRL + SPACE for example (configurable feature).
In that case, if the user still want to watch the movie, he ignore the notification, and when he is ready to watch messages, he just use the shortcut and then have the movie minimized and GP popped up.

 >>>through a mini window maybe,
nononono! Than i stop movie, GP will thinking about why i did it. if i stop and focused GP, maybe i want to check new messages o something like that, and it be cool to have quick link to continue watching.

i think it good to make panel applet mode


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