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Registered by Randal Barlow on 2011-02-06

The current main view uses buttons and boxes to display content. This is inefficient. We should migrate to a treeview/model based view like the secondary views. We can implement a new view simply by subclassing _GenericViewWidget and using multiple copies of a TimeLineView-like subview for each day. The major challenge is allowing items to collapse by category if there are over a specific amount. The trees support something like this but it is not a clear match. Perhaps we need to reexamine how we handle this and either work around this, or handle it how treeviews traditionally do. The only other thing we will have to keep in mind is writing a renderer which will be able to display more information than the current button based item does.

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Another major hurdle is deciding what to do with periods of the day. Currently we have three sections(Morning, Afternoon, and Evening) but I cannot find a way to do this with treeviews. Should we drop this idea, or should we use a time column? I am not sure.

Currently I am able to implement a category-less multiple day view with the same treeview we use on the MoreInfo window. It is almost a drop in replacement.


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I think its a very good idea to have a consistent view parent class also it will improve speed alot.


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