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I think it would be fantastic to integrate the cover-flow like components into Nautilus as some sort of availble plug-in.

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EDIT: Current Progress here:


BadChoice is already considering integration, and has made preliminary research on the nautilus-list.

As you can see in the screenshot, there's a dropdown menu to change the view mode in Nautilus (as icons or list). The idea would be:
-to add a third mode which would be coverflow, with metadata below the coverflow part
-to add a patch to gnome to let user switch between icon ,list and coverflow mode by using icons just like in Mac OS X (it's faster to click than to use a drop down menu)

-Perhaps seaching through the GNOME and Nautilus Code for the english string corresponding to icon view would lead you to the code that needs to be modified (or ask more directly on nautilus-list how to add a new mode)
-Ask cneumair ... gnome ... org. He has added recently a compact view mode which is basically the same kind of thing we're trying to implement: eg: a new view mode for GNOME. He used the dropdown menu, and seems very familiar with the nautilus internals

A few snippets from which could help:
Here lives the implementation of the default directory views, the icon view (fm-icon-view.c) and the list view (fm-list-view.c). These both inherit from a common class defined in fm-directory-view.c. The file fm-properties-window.c implements the file properties dialog.


4.3 The standard directory views

In order to act as a file manager the shell needs a view for directories. Nautilus ships with two views for directories, the icon view (FMIconView) and the list view (FMListView). The code for these views are in src/file-manager.

Both of these views inherit from FMDirectoryView, which has a lot of common code for handling directories. It merges in the nautilus-directory-view-ui.xml UI description, which contains all generic file operations like open, delete, rename, etc.

This directory also contains FMPropertiesWindow, which is the file properties window that both directory views can present, and FMDesktopIconView which is derived from the icon view adding support for desktop icons (trash, home, mounted volumes) and their operations.

FMIconView merges some icon specific menu entries, and implements directory display as a set of icons with labels. The icon drawing is handled by the FMIconContainer class which is a subclass of NautilusIconContainer from libnautilus-private that just fills out the details related to file I/O and sorting.

FMListView implements a directory view as a list of icons, file names and file attributes. The widget itself is a GtkTreeView with a custom tree model for files (FMListModel).


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