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In order to make images more easily searchable in different openstack installations, it would be useful to add some common properties to Glance images that identify operating system characteristics .

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[gabrielhurley] Could I also suggest adding a property that indicates whether or not an image is "bootable" (for example, not a ramdisk or kernel image, etc.)?

@ gabrielhurley : is the current disk_format property insufficient for this? It's not exactly what you want, but I think you can determine "bootablity" from it? (See )

[gabrielhurley] Glance's "filtering" mechanism in the API only allows for positive assertions. I can't say "give me all the images which *are not* ARI, AKI, etc." That means having a common flag that everyone can recognize as "this image *is* bootable" would be extremely valuable.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/glance-common-image-properties,n,z

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    Adding new common image properties

Addressed by:
    Adding new common image properties

Also, please look over the proposed admin docs for this:

[daniel berrange] This separation of "os_distro" and "os_version" may seem like a good idea, but it doesn't really work very nicely when you consider Windows. Although Windows releases do have versions, they are not the versions that users think of, and the version number is the same for products that most people consider different, so they don't provide a good unique identifier. ie Windows 2k8 and Window Vista are both considered version 6.0 by Microsoft.

The libosinfo library ( has gone to the trouble of putting together a database of operating systems, with a tonne of metadata about each one. It defines 2 unique identifiers for each OS, a URL based ID, and a plain string "short-id". eg id == and short-id == win2k8 . (

Rather than having openstack invent new vocabulary for this OS data, I'd prefer to see openstack simply declare that it uses the same data vocabulary as libosinfo.

[james scollard] I have another use case associated with this feature, but don't think it fits into this blueprint.


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