A framework for contributred storage systems.

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At times contributors wish to add storage drivers to Glance. No matter how good the code is when it enters there is always a concern of potential bit-rot. We also must concern ourselves with all of the dependencies related to a new storage driver.

Further, those wishing to use different storage system backends must wait until a patch is reviewed, then approved, then released.

It would benefit the community if we were to have a framework for adding storage drivers, as their own packages, to a glance deploy. While I beleive that this is possible today, I think that it would be better if we had an contrib section in glance where various storage drivers were added. These drivers would be part of the glance code base, but not installed by default. This would serve two purposes, it would thin out a default/basic deploy and it would serve as an example of how to create a storage driver package.

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Trying to figure out if this is superceded by, or dependent on, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/+spec/create-store-package
markwash wishlist 2014-02-17

I think it is superceded by create-store-package. As part of the work going on there, I'm also adding support for stevedore which is basically what this blueprint would have done.
-- flaper87 2014-02-18

I don't see any difference between the two honestly. A second blue print was not needed but consolidating them one way or the other makes sense. -- buzztroll 20124-2-17 (we are timezone traveling)

On further thought... the difference in the first is intention. It implies a framework/documentation/examples for 'rolling your own' glance storage driver to the community that wants to participate but doesn't need their code accepted in the code base. The latter's audience is internal to OpenStack and could be considered complete without such a transfer of knowledge. Thus I would say this is dependent upon it and not superceded by it. -- buzztrol (still 2/17)

Okay, we can consider this blueprint to (likely) involve adding stevedore to glance.store, and thus to depend on create-store-package.
markwash wishlist 2014-03-03


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