Add DB2 as an option for backend database

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Current OpenStack supports multiple open source database as the backend database, for example: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL are the default supported database for the community.

I plan to contribue changes to Glance to allow the use of DB2 as the backing database, and doing so will require me to:

1. Update Glance project to support DB2 initialization and access by updating the SQLALchemy-migrate code.
2. Run tempest on a DB2 installed environment

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Ian Cordasco
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Ian Cordasco

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I am worried that if no one is testing the db2 backend, it will suffer from bit-rot at an alarming rate. Could we instead work to make it possible for a functional db2 backend for the glance db to live outside the main glance project?

<jbresnah> I share Mark's concern. I also wonder what specifically is needed as I would hope that SQLAlchemy would handle that abstraction. Could the DB migrations be be written in a non DB2 specific way so that they could be part of the main execution path instead of a db2 specific branch? </jbresnah>

dperaza: like jbresnah says, sqlalchemy will handle all the abstraction without issues, the problem is around a few migration scripts, I think it will be best if I show you a patch so you can appreciate the magnitude of the change. Will also plan to write appropriate unit test that will target DB2 as migration backend, I understand these will probably get skipped in jenkins but the idea then will be to run the test in IBM systems and register through third party events.

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    DB migration changes to support DB2 as sqlalchemy backend

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It looks like this effort is underway. Let's resume tracking progress here in the blueprint. When do we expect this effort to be completed?
markwash more-info 2014-02-15

Looks like this particular bp is abandoned, though I know db2 integration is still a feature that OS is pursuing across the board.
markwash abandoned 2014-03-03

Glance already supports DB2 in it's migrations, there have been bug fixes made there in Icehouse specifically for DB2 backends. sqlalchemy-migrate 0.9 supports DB2 and IBM has 3rd party CI running against sqlalchemy-migrate, Keystone and Nova right now (still working on getting the Nova DB2 support merged in Juno). The team working on that CI needs to expand it to start running against Glance patches with Tempest full runs using DB2, we don't need a blueprint for that, it just needs to be worked along with fixing any bugs along the way. Fei Long Wang and Zhi Yan Liu should be able to lead that.
-- mriedem 2014/04/12


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