Model for cloning image from one region to another

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Proposal is to use "pull" model, i.e., call by the user will be made in the target region

makes it easy to return an image URL that can be polled.

Things to consider:
- if a UUID doesn't exist or the user doesn't have permission to copy
- Get good information on the status of the image
- the structure of the call
- The regions a user has access to need be in the user's service catalog

Image properties would be propagated to target glance deployment from source glance deployment
- no ongoing synchronization

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and #openstack-glance on freenode

Just need a little more information here.
 - let's make the summary reflect the story in the spec more clearly
 - let's refactor a bit in terms of how tasks work
markwash more-info 2014-02-14

Looks like this is abandoned for now, let's pick it back up when more dependencies are in place.
markwash abandoned 2014-03-03

Hi, nikhil, How is this bp going´╝čTask clone looks good and useful. Is this bp still work? And maybe i could do some help to work on it if you want.
wangxiyuan (huawei) 2015-08-20

[2016-02-23 nikhil]: Hi, I got a email about this but looks like the timestamp on the message is still old.
So, I will write a general update on this blueprint: I still think this is a useful feature. However, there has been some discussion around the tasks API and the future of it thereof in upstream Glance. For now, I ask all the interest parties to follow along the import refactor work that's going on and is basically a lock on this work. Until we get a full resolution on how image upload, download and discovery work within the DefCore specification, we need to wait on how these features work. Thanks.
Image Import refactor:


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