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Ceph RADOS Gateway

The RADOS gateway (radosgw) provides a RESTful API for Ceph RADOS (Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Storage):

 - implements containers (buckets) and objects storage functionality
 - provides fine grained object ACL support, as well as containers ACLs
 - allows seamless data access to objects through direct (and also through signed) URLs
 - provides RESTful API is compatible with both the Swift and the S3 REST APIs
 - read-after-write consistency

User and key management tool exists for radosgw. Radosgw installation can scale by running multiple instances of radosgw.

Nova and glance can already use RADOS through rbd. An OpenStack installation that uses rbd can also use the same RADOS backend for its object storage through radosgw.

Being compatible with both Swift and S3, radosgw can already be used as a storage backend for glance.


RADOS, the reliable autonomic distributed object storage, is part of the Ceph open source project. RADOS is the lower object storage layer of the Ceph filesystem, rbd (RADOS block device), the RADOS gateway, and potentially many more storage solutions through its open APIs and libraries. RADOS is a reliable object storage service that can scales to many thousands of devices by leveraging the intelligence present in individual storage nodes. RADOS preserves consistent data access and strong safety semantics while allowing nodes to act semi-autonomously to selfmanage replication, failure detection, and failure recovery.

A key design feature of RADOS is that the storage nodes are able to operate with a relative autonomy when it comes to recovering from failures or migrating data in response to cluster expansion. By minimizing the role of the central cluster coordinator, the overall system is extremely scalable. A small system of a few nodes can seamlessly grow to hundreds or thousands of nodes (or contract again) as needed.

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This was implemented by allowing ceph to replicate apis. This seems to apply to glance and not nova. It can be used to track changes to documentation to describe how to set up glance to talk to ceph properly.


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