Use gconf to configure settings in gladex

Registered by Christopher Pax on 2007-08-19

We will soon have many tweekable options in gladex. The best way to handle all these options is use a configuration file or the GNOME built-in gconf tool.

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#Saturday, August 18 2007 paxmanchris: some things to consider#
-- gconf --
Pros: good utilization of built-in tools. Possibly very easy to use, without much coding.
Cons: as far as I know, this is strictly for GNOME.
-- configuration files --
Pros: our own personal method for configuration. No need for GNOME.
Cons: need to have a .gladex file in the home directory.

wattazoum : I am not really for the idea of using Gconf as it's really Gnome oriented and I think you would like your software to be used on something else than Gnome. Using the configuration files is more interesting as it will work for all Desktop Environment (even command line ). But you shouldn't create a .gladex file under the user $HOME but follow the XDG Specification ( thus create a $HOME/.config/glagex directory,if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, to store configuration.

2008-02-20: pax: Wattazoum, that sounds fine to me. Gconf isn't entirely necessary at the moment because there is not need to have other programs instantly know changes in Gladex or the other way around. In the future we could always have both implementations and use one or the other based on the environment used.

2008-02-23 : wattazoum: I would llike you to look at this code. I was trying to make a tool that was doing the same job as GladeX but I was just using it for python. . I have implemented a configuration management there. That might be useful to take. The configuration management is happening into src/ (starting from line 59)


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