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1. port GINN to c++
2. use string instead of char *
3. fix all error with c++ compiler
4. create Gwish class instead of wish struct
5. add Gwish Type (geusture Type) instead of config_attr[0] to make code more readable and replace it in all part of code
6. add Gwish TouchNum (Number of finger for gesture) instead of config_attr[1] to make code more readable and replace it to all part of code
5. create GINN object and create a dynamic callback for GINN object
6. use "new" instead of memloc
7. remove all global variable and embed all of them in class
8. create qt project file for ginn
9. use cout and cerr instead of fprintf
10. abstract the main file and create the code more functionally
11. test all new changes and check are they stable or not
12. create constractor for apps and make Gapps object instead it
13. create callback for device add , remove and change with object oriented concept
14. create GD_att struct to save and access device attributes
15. create device list vector
16. find device attribute with just having device ID!(perfectly useful)
17. make code more readable
18. add comment to code and use simple name for variable
19. add some option to wish.xml to define some gesture for only touchscreen
20. add some option to wish.xml to define some gesture for only touchpad

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Bijan Binaee
Bijan Binaee
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all feature from 1 to 13 is made on linked brach you can see and comment on it


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