Using Launchpad to track package updates,etc

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This is just my idea, comments welcome

When a new version of a package is found if it contains new features and bug fixes, it is given a Medium priority. If it fixes security issues it is given a High priority (as security is involved) and is marked with Launchpad as being a security problem.

If a package is requested to be packaged, it should be given the status Wish list as it is wanted but not a very major issue

If a package has a bug that is an error in the packaging, not found upstream and can be fixed, the stats should be set as Low (If it does not impact the end user), Medium (if it occurs inside the program) High (if it gives a warning when installing/uninstalling) and Critical (If it is not installable or breaks something)

If a regular person files a bug against a package, it should be marked as New and when a GetDeb member/packager sees the bug it should be changed to confirmed.

If you are working on a package it should be marked as "In progress" and set to you, when you finish making the package and send it to be put on the main site mark the bug as "Fix Commited" (As it has been done and waiting to be released). When the package has made it to the main site please mark the bug as "Fix Released"

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Harrisony: to make things easier :)
Lamego: I agree with this rules, we do need to improve our documentation and processes :)
Kamil Páral: I would propose some standardized bug titles for common tasks:
 "Create package: <package_name>" or "Create package: <app_name>" - for creating new package
 "Update package: <package_name> <version_number>" - for updating package to version xyz
Paulo Dias: I agree with the above package title proposal.
Harrisony: Im in the process of rewriting this but keep adding suggestions
Peter van der Does: I agree with the proposal as well as the standardizing of the bug titles
Marco Rodrigues: I also agree with this. We need to follow rules to have better work.


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