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Registered by Sébastien Heymann

Gephi is able to export its network as SVG or PDF format. Using vectorial drawings for graph have many benefits like infinite zooming or clear shapes. The aim of this proposal is to develop a preview module in Gephi for seeing how the output will exactly looks like with the given parameters.

Whereas the embedded 3D engine is designed for efficient network exploration the vectorial export concentrate on clarity, readability and outstanding design. This module has many different settings like edge thickness, arrow size, white borders around labels, node border and so on. In the vein of WYSIWYG editors we would like to see direct setting change on a Vectorial Preview window. The module must be scalable to support large networks.

To resume there are two requirements, previewing the network exactly how it will looks-like in output and support huge graphs efficiently.

Using Processing (

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Mathieu Bastian
Mathieu Bastian
Needs approval
Jérémy Subtil
Series goal:
Accepted for 0.7
Milestone target:
Started by
Sébastien Heymann
Completed by
Mathieu Bastian


Vectorial output customization:
  - Hide / Show
    - show nodes
    - show node labels
    - show edges
    - show unidirectional edges arrows
    - show unidirectional edge labels
    - show unidirectional edge mini-labels
    - show bidirectional edges arrows
    - show bidirectional edge labels
    - show bidirectional edge mini-labels
  - Color: Custom / Edge Both Boundaries / Edge Boundary 1 / Edge Boundary 2 / Parent Edge / Original
    - node color
    - node border color
    - node label color
    - node label border color
    - self-loop color
    - unidirectional edge color
    - unidirectional edge arrow color
    - unidirectional edge label color
    - unidirectional edge mini-label color
    - bidirectional edge color
    - bidirectional edge arrow color
    - bidirectional edge label color
    - bidirectional edge mini-label color
  - Shapes
    - unidirectional edge: curved or straight
    - bidirectional edge: curved or straight
  - Fonts
    - node label font + size + char limit
    - unidirectional edge label font + size + char limit
    - unidirectional edge mini-label font + size + char limit
    - bidirectional edge label font + size + char limit
    - bidirectional edge mini-label font + size + char limit
  - Values
    - node border width
    - unidirectional edge mini-label added radius
    - unidirectional edge arrow added radius
    - unidirectional edge arrow size
    - bidirectional edge mini-label added radius
    - bidirectional edge arrow added radius
    - bidirectional edge arrow size

  - checkbox for dynamic update of customization change


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