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Option to add items by scanning a barcode with webcam.

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When using GCstar, adding many dvds manually becomes a drawn out process. In order to aid this, a barcode scanning feature would be very helpful.

In this feature, a user would scan a barcode with their webcam or other device such as a "CueCat". GCstar would then search and detect the correct dvd title that matched that particular barcode. This could then lead to the discovery of the dvd information as well as the dvd box artwork.

Such an implementation can be seen in "Delicious Library"

Here's a website that uses a webcam barcode scanner to capture a barcode and allows the user to submit information about that particular barcode:

Alexandria has CueCat support:

Barcode scanner software for webcams under Linux:


I also think it is a great idea that has already been suggested by some users. There are also people that told me they will implement it, but no news from them.

I didn't implement it yet mainly because I don't have a barcode scanner (so if any wants to send me one, just contact me ;) ). And also I didn't find yet a source to get the information from according to the ISBN.

I had a look to your links as they could give solutions to these problems.

- I discovered that there are some algorithm to convert barcode to ISBN for books. So it could be useful. Is this also possible for DVDs or games to have something similar?

- "Delicious Library" uses its own database with barcode information. It could not be used by a third-party application such as GCstar.

- doesn't have a web-based API that would let GCstar performs searches on this site. Unless I am wrong, searches with a barcode could only be done using the applet on the website.

- Your link to a barcode scanner using webcams leads to a server error page.

So here is the current status of this feature. I'd love to have it, but I am missing some resources.

Upon doing a bit more research, I have come up with a few more links for you to look at.

Zarf's book-scanning project: search (which can search by isbn)

UPC database lookup/submit (movies, music, books, etc.)

Barcode scanner software for webcams under Linux (currently online again):

If barcode scanning is not going to be possible at this time, or if it will take a bit longer to implement, I would personally like to see a way to enter a UPC or ISBN number so that GCstar could return the information and artwork of the item with that particular UPC or ISBN.


For ISBN it already works in GCstar. Just create a new book in a book collection. Then enter its ISBN (next to the book title) and press enter or click on the 'Fetch information' button. It will download information on the configured website for this (or will ask you for it). It includes Amazon.(com|fr|de)

I'd like to know how you already use you barcode scanner. Does it generates some keys events just as if it was a keyboard sending numbers? Or do you have special drivers/programs for it?

Could you also describe the process to perform when using it with Alexandria.

Thank you for your help.


I've now noticed that both UPC and ISBN can be found by Amazon. This is great news for me, as I didn't realize I could search/add this way! Is this documented somewhere?

Unfortunately, I don't own any type of barcode scanner at the moment.

A USB barcode scanner acts like a USB keyboard, it uses a USB HID driver

On the Alexandria bug database there is a post where a user has a barcode reader and can create a list of bar code values:

For example, the book with isbn 0-451-45282-8 will scan as:
9976900499 45282

Here's some more information about the CueCat:


Why not include something like this in your application?

I think it could be really useful and provide a "Delicious Library" touch to Gcstar.


is there still activity on this issue?
You could check if might help you getting the data.
For development you'd not need any special barcode reader hardware, any supported webcam (<10$) would do.
A simple Amazon search for the number on the barcode should find the DVD (I tried 4010884590258 for a star trek box set).


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