Initial delivery of Linaro GCC 4.4

Registered by Andrew Stubbs

Delivering an initial Linaro GCC 4.4 based release with the CodeSourcery SourceryG++ patchset and good enough to be included in Ubuntu.


lool, 2010-07-12: First pass on reviewing + merging the Debian/Ubuntu patches done, skipped ADA patches since these caused regressions; will revisit on next pass; see


Work Items

Work items:
CS102 Merge changes from GCC 4.4.4 into SG++ List 2010q1: DONE
CS103 Deliver CS patches as diff against GCC 4.4.4 release: DONE
CS104 Review Debian/Ubuntu patches; identify patches to move to Linaro: DONE
CS105 Review Ubuntu x86/amd64/armel test results: DONE
CS108 Apply Debian/Ubuntu patches to Linaro GCC 4.4 source repository: DONE
CS110 Fix Debian/Ubuntu patches “broken” by the CS/Linaro patch set (but not actually applied to the Linaro toolchain): DONE

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