Upstream the rabbit OCF agent for a Pacemaker

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Maintaining a huge and complex OCF agent for rabbimq cluster downstream became a great burden.
We want this script to attract broader auditory and developed upstream, as a part of the rabbitmq-server package.
There is no spec required as there is no impacts, just changing the place of the OCF script hosting and maintenance patches from
fuel-ha-utils package resided downstream to the rabbitmq-server upstream.

(out of scope) Besides that, community efforts are split to different OCF RA for rabbitmq, for further analysis see . So the action number two is to merge efforts into The OCF RA, the consolidated upstream agent. The merge plan is described here

Assignees/Contributors involved:
* Oyvind Albrigtsen (e-ddie)
* Peter Lemenkov (petro)
* Bogdan Dobrelia (bogdando)

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Vladimir Kuklin
Bogdan Dobrelya
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Bogdan Dobrelya
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Bogdan Dobrelya
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Bogdan Dobrelya


The OCF script will be shipped out of box of the rabbitmq-server 3.5.7 version (scheduled for early November 2015)
Upstream documentaion for the OCF script configuration

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/upstream-rabbit-ocf,n,z

Addressed by:
    Sync rabbitmq OCF from upstream

Gerrit topic:,topic:bug/1527518,n,z

Addressed by:
    Quote vars when checking them on emptiness

Addressed by:
    Sync rabbitmq OCF from upstream

Addressed by:
    Sync rabbitmq OCF from upstream

Addressed by:
    Consume upstream rabbitmq-server v3.6.1 OCF RA


Work Items

Work items:
Contribute the OCF script upstream: DONE
Update upstream docs: DONE
Update the OpenStack HA guide to refer upstream docs for the OCF agent driven clustering: DONE
Sync chagnes both sides manually, until removed from Fuel downstream: DONE
Consume the rabbitmq-server v3.6.1 containing this OCF script in Fuel and remove it from fuel-ha-utils: DONE
Merge all of the upstream OCF RA for rabbitmq-server (out of scope): INPROGRESS
Address CI/CD for the OCF script currently made only in Fuel project to be done upstream (out of scope): TODO

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