3rd-party CI with OpenStack Integration tests

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We have a lot of features in Fuel and OpenStack and we have different test suites for Fuel and OpenStack components.
We use SWARM tests to check deployments of different configuration and basic functionality of OpenStack services after the deployments. We use Tempest, Rally and other integration and functional test cases to validate OpenStack functionality.

We need to create separate repository where we can store some 3rd-party SWARM-based automated test cases and we need to setup separate CI where we will configure daily and per-commit jobs which will run these automated tests.

Why we can't do this in SWARM:
The goal of SWARM test suite is to verify Fuel components and possibility to deploy different OpenStack configurations with Fuel. OpenStack Integration tests don't check the deployment part in details, but allow to verify OpenStack components with a lot of different test scenarios. In the same time we want to have an ability to run Tempest, Rally and other test suites for Fuel deployments to verify that we can deploy OpenStack in different configurations and that OpenStack works as expected with these configurations.

We also have some additional test cases (not only Tempest and Rally) which help to verify HA/destructive/maintenance scenarios, this is why we need to have separate repository where we can store such test scenarios. These scenarios use fuel-qa and fuel-devops code to manage Fuel environments.

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