Describe virtual devops environments using templates instead of hardcoded generators with some external parameters

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Currently, we make virtual devops environments for run system tests, where a small amount of parameters can be used for configure nodes and networks in the virtual environment. This approach is hard to scale and cannot be used for making detailed hardware/network configs for each node in the environment.

Template based approach allows to make unique configuration for each node, make non-standard network topologies without re-writing the #fuel-devops code for each particular case, add new roles for nodes to get environment with pre-installed operation systems or use some external image to get prepared software on some nodes.

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    Describe virtual devops environments using YAML templates

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    Move to template-based configuration of devops environments

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    Flexible object schema for template-based virtual environments

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    Update usage documentation for v3.0.0

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    v3.0.0: Additional changes to helpers

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    ParamedModel - Parameterizable model class

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    New Libvirt Driver Model

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    New Network Models

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    Volume model changes

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    Node model changes

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    New LibvirtXMLBuilder

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    Group and Environment changes

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    Migration for new model schema.

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    Update unit tests Update verion to 3.0.0

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    Update dummy_driver

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    Add ip_reserved and ip_ranges attributes to AddressPool

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    Template validation

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    Use physical host interfaces to connect virtual and baremetal networks

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    Validator for test configurations

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    Remove deprecated 'verbose' argument

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    Do not raise exceptions if object not found in Libvirt for erase

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    Add a new option 'bootmenu_timeout' for libvirt Node

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    Define and start networks and nodes separatelly

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    Generate 'network_config' in compatibility layer


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