Describe system tests using a set of templates instead of testcases with hardcoded configs and scenarios

Registered by Dennis Dmitriev

Currently, we are using a fixed cluster configuration with a fixed scenario for each system test, slightly correcting some parameters with environment variables.

There are several contexts that could be specified by templates:
- fuel admin node configuration,
- cluster settings,
- roles and hardware requirements for nodes in cluster,
- additional configs for plugins
- test scenario as a set of independent actions.

Using different template for any of the context gives a lot of variations for running system tests without adding a new hardcoded cases. Any new environment can be tested with all set of, for example, destructive tests; all cluster configurations can be tested for testing a specified plugin; just combining different templates for a test run.

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Nastya Urlapova
Dennis Dmitriev
Dmitry Tyzhnenko
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Accepted for mitaka
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milestone icon 9.0
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Timur Nurlygayanov
Completed by
Dmitry Tyzhnenko

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Gerrit topic:,topic:feature/template-based-testcases,n,z

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Gerrit topic:,topic:feature/bdd/class-setup-teardown,n,z

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    Add several common actions and tests

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    Refactoring of system_test classes

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    Add validator for test groups

Gerrit topic:,topic:feature/devops30,n,z

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    Add support devops 3.0 into fuel-qa

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    Replace django DoesNotExist exception with custom devops exception and provide full information

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    Add support devops 3.0 into fuel-qa


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