Need to update Open Stack quotas during the deployment

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Need to update Open Stack configuration during the deployment: user should see valid values for quotas in OpenStack.

For example, if user installs OpenStack on 1 compute node with 4Gb of RAM, need to change quotas in OpenStack to avoid incorrect resource planing

We can see now that Fuel will configure standard quotas like:
100 instances, 100 CPUs, 51 Gb of RAM, 10 volumes and 1000 volume storages.

Fuel Web should be production-ready and users want to use OpenStack without additional configuration activities.

This is important, because:
1. When new OpenStack user tries to deploy many large VMs on the small compute node, all deployments will FAIL with non-user-friendly error 'Nova: No valid host' on nova logs.
2. On the SoftLayer project we will have more cool hardware then hardcoded by default (with only 51 Gb of RAM and etc.) - and this is mean that user will not have the ability to use all hardware resources of compute nodes (used paid for this high performance node and he should manually fix OpenStack configuration to have the ability to use all available resources).
3. User can not plan resources ussage, because user don't know the valid quatas for this specific OpenStack Cloud. He has incorrect information about it.

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