Get rid of docker containers on the master node

Registered by Vladimir Kozhukalov on 2015-11-23

There are some disadvantages of using docker containers on the master node:

- it is tricky to get logs and other information (for example, rpm -qa) for a service like shotgun which is run inside one of containers.
it is specific UX when you first need to run dockerctl shell {container_name} and then you are able to debug something.
- when building IBP image we mount directory from the host file system into mcollective container to make image build faster.
- there are config files and some other files which should be shared among containers which introduces unnecessary complexity to the whole system.
- our current delivery approach assumes we wrap into rpm/deb packages every single piece of the Fuel system. Docker images are not an exception. And as far as they depend on other rpm packages we forced to build docker-images rpm package using kind of specific build flow. Besides this package is quite big (300M).
- I'd like it to be possible to install Fuel not from ISO but from RPM repo on any rpm based distribution. But it is double work to support both Docker based and package based approach.

Taking into account the above we'd better get rid of docker containers on the master node.

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