Restructure Fuel Development Environment page for new contributors

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Fuel Development Environment page is currently optimized for core development team, and should be restructured to better match a workflow of an external contributor. It should start with instructions on how to build your own ISO image from git, and then outline which components are out there and how to check out, modify, test and build them.

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Mike Scherbakov
Dmitry Borodaenko
Dmitry Borodaenko
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Accepted for 7.0.x
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milestone icon 7.0
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Christopher Aedo
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Dmitry Borodaenko

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    Updating fuel-dev environment instructions

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    Add Fuel development quick-start guide

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    Add link to download PDF of documentation

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    Add examples for development of Fuel


Work Items

Work items:
Restructure Fuel page on OpenStack wiki: DONE
Add/improve Fuel wiki - What's the value of Fuel?: DONE
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Improve "how is Fuel developed": TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - What value does a new contributor provide?: TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - What does a new contributor get out of contributing to Fuel: TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Improve "how does the contribution process work": DONE
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Join Fuel Team first steps: DONE
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Improve "how and where to get help": TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - How does Fuel CI process work?: TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Add info on Fuel development environments: DONE
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Documentation/review and test docs: TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Documentation/Augment content of existing docs: TODO
Add/improve Fuel wiki - Documentation/Add additional docs: TODO
Determine requirements to make automated API doc building works under fuel-docs repo: DONE
Get agreement from Meg McRoberts on structure of combined fuel-dev and fuel-main docs: DONE

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