When scale up, new computes should be disabled by default

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The story is the following:
when we deploy new cluster, we want all services to be started, and we want operational environment right after it is deployed. Then, before running production workloads, we test it with HealthCheck feature of Fuel, create test tenant, and run some test workloads first. Then we start running production workloads.

After some time, user needs to scale up: add more compute hosts. If you simply add new computes with Fuel and deploy, they will be automatically registered in Nova DB. If user wants to start a new VM at that time, it will VERY likely go to the new host, as the less loaded one. Needless to say, that the new host might not be ready to accept production load. Before moving any production load on it, administrator of the cloud has to ensure that the new compute is ready for it. It is another story how to do it.

The quick workaround for Nova could be done with an enable_new_services configuration parameter and a separate Fuel post-deploy granular task which should re-enable the disabled compute services, while the complete solution should be done with the help of Nova host-aggregates.

Feature Lead: Bogdan Dobrelya
Mandatory Design Reviewers: Mike Scherbakov, Aleksandr Didenko
Developers: Bogdan Dobrelya
QA: Andrey Sledzinskiy

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Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bp/disable-new-computes,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/161664
    Manage new compute services state


Work Items

Work items:
Work around with enable_new_services and a new post-deploy task for 6.1: TODO
Complete feature implementation with Nova host-aggregates: TODO

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