Deployment tests for Puppet OpenStack

Registered by Aleksandra Fedorova on 2015-12-17

fuel-library uses many modules from Puppet OpenStack project via puppet-librarian. Currently we use pinned version of modules, with versions hardcoded in Puppetfile. To simplify the process of updating to new upstream versions and to provide an early feedback to upstream we'd like to setup the CI, similar to fuel-library tests, which will test master of upstream puppet modules against stable Fuel code.

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Bogdan Dobrelya
Aleksandra Fedorova
Igor Belikov
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Accepted for mitaka
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Dmitry Borodaenko on 2016-03-01
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Dmitry Borodaenko on 2016-03-01

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 > we support providing a module tarball that we can use
 > so we can prepackage all of the modules based on what we need and provide it to the fuel-library build process
 > it was added in for offline build support,
 > basically as part of the build process today it'll go fetch all the upstream modules and their versions based on a Puppetfile using puppet-librarian-simple
> so for the upstream usage, we could run puppet-librarian-simple to get our versions then swap out the upstream puppet-openstack modules via zuul cloner (or something) to get the masters & gerrit refs
> then tar up the modules and provide it to the fuel-library build process which will then skip rerunning librarian and use the provided module tarball

script crinkle wrote is able to take your puppetfile and clone modules with zuul-cloner

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/deployment-tests-for-puppet-openstack,n,z

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    Fuel CI for Puppet OpenStack modules


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Work items:
Setup periodic noop test on current merged master: DONE
Setup periodic deployment test on current merged master: DONE
Setup non-voting tests on patchset created: DONE
Switch to voting mode: DONE

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