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Today, in Fuel, a user can select two hypervisors (KVM/QEMU + vCenter), one networking back-end, and one Storage back-end (Ceph used for Glance, Nova, Cinder, and Swift).

In the future, the ideal case would be that a user can select multiple hypervisors, networking back-ends, and Storage back-ends specified by ephemeral, Cinder, Glance, object (and in the future, Manila).

For example, inside of the wizard, we would like a user to select KVM + vCenter hypervisors with VLAN + DVS networking back-ends (to support the dual hypervisors) and Ceph + NetApp Cinder back-ends, and NetApp for their ephemeral and Glance storage.

Problem 1: many of these back-ends are delivered in Fuel plugins, for which there is not an authoritative list when displaying the Fuel wizard.

Problem 2: when implementing multiple back-ends for a single set of functionality, there is a comma separated list that must be created in the config file, which plugins cannot create because they do not know about one another. (Greg – this I believe is where we talked about “extending” the config file – per Andrew, this is not possible because the field is not capable of being multi-line)

Problem 3: it is possible that the back-ends will need to execute in a specific order in order to be configured correctly

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Andriy Popovych
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