Enforce access control for Fuel Master node

Registered by David J. Easter

    Currently, there is no enforced access control to the Fuel UI. In other words, anyone can connect to the URL and perform any actions.

Needed solution:
    Access control needs to be implemented so that individuals are challenged for credentials when they try to access the Fuel master node.

Feature Lead: assignee of this blueprint
Mandatory Design Reviewers: Mike Scherbakov, Stas Bogatkin, Evgeny Li, Vladimir Kuklin
Developers: Lukasz Oles, Kamil Sambor, Matt Mosesohn
QA: Andrey Sledzinskiy

Blueprint information

David J. Easter
David J. Easter
Łukasz Oleś
Series goal:
Accepted for 5.1.x
Milestone target:
milestone icon 5.1
Started by
Łukasz Oleś
Completed by
Vladimir Kuklin

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