Enforce access control for Fuel Master node

Registered by David J. Easter on 2014-04-16

    Currently, there is no enforced access control to the Fuel UI. In other words, anyone can connect to the URL and perform any actions.

Needed solution:
    Access control needs to be implemented so that individuals are challenged for credentials when they try to access the Fuel master node.

Feature Lead: assignee of this blueprint
Mandatory Design Reviewers: Mike Scherbakov, Stas Bogatkin, Evgeny Li, Vladimir Kuklin
Developers: Lukasz Oles, Kamil Sambor, Matt Mosesohn
QA: Andrey Sledzinskiy

Blueprint information

David J. Easter
David J. Easter
Łukasz Oleś
Series goal:
Accepted for 5.1.x
Milestone target:
milestone icon 5.1
Started by
Łukasz Oleś
Completed by
Vladimir Kuklin

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