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sorry for the mistakes in the text because I am Brazilian and I wrote on google translator

transfers into reports is an optimal solution to the reports. however some transactions are made by appointment, and in the case of transfers from one account to another, the transfers do not appear in the totals of the reports with that information is inaccurate total. then it would be very useful to choose which will appear in the report transfers because the transfers into reports option in the settings so you can choose to transfer all or none appear.

this same line of thought would be interesting to choose which individual transactions (without transfer) appear in the report, appearing in the report by default, but may choose not to include in reports being in the program only for the record, because sometimes we do not want certain transactions appear in totals due to a purchase or mortgage of the home value is too high and would not be necessary to be in the report, only to be included in the program for days, hours, exact value, etc..

Another suggestion would be to split the payment credit card option because the prediction of the bill is inconsistent because some purchases are made in three installments, 5, 20, N times and the release of the full amount is made, if possible inform the charging of interest on the plots because interest and have some shopping in the future would be interesting to know how much was spent on interest card

could also be made the choice of full or partial payment card account (invoice) and the balance being sent to the other months with the choice of charging interest (or not)

Also interesting would be to create an account with a check and possible choice of the number of checks, bank, agency, etc. in several installments purchase checks.

Another factor that is not important but it would be nice, would be the addition of new symbols for the accounts.

Another interesting graph would be shaped pizza that is easier to visualize the total expenditures

Another issue would be after a certain time to use the program will become full and slow due to the large number of transactions, and it would be great to create an archive file similar to the outlook for only Queries or changes that were needed in the future without the backup

financisto the more is the best and most complete app manager in the market and not only changed my system (android) because of financisto

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