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The begining of this affirmation is response this questions:

1. ¿Why use more than one workspace?
2. ¿What are the benefits of have more than one?
3. ¿Is normal and easy to a regular user manage all his apps in differents workspace?
4. ¿Is natural use it?

1. The first question, why, there are some reason for use it by default. I don't see anyone.

2. I have been using linux (gnome desktop) for many years. I always have think that if someone put the posibilite to use more than one workspace, why not use it?. I have try a lot of times to use but I always find more problems than benefits and always finish use only one. My common problems are:
- Where I put X app?
- How can move to X app?
- Where is the other window of this app?
- Have I yet running X app? Sometimes I launch more than one instance of an app because I dont remember if is still running.

Finally you end loking for all your workspace and spend a lot of time doing it.

3. Ok, many workspace are not useful for me but can be useful but other althoug there is not other way to manage it. You can use shortkeys (but is not usefull for regular user) and you have to remember where you put your apss, or you can use the mouse to click an icon an see all workspaces but can you make out if the app that you loking for is on one of them? not normaly. How can I distinguish two instances of the same app with expose?

4. And finally the metafisic question, is natural use it?
How many hidden things can we manage? You usually work in a workspace and you see the apps with you work, can you remember what things do you have in others workspaces?

Fine, we can quit the extra wokspaces, but can happen if I need more space? well we could use a workspace for each app in full screen mode like mac os style.

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