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Registered by Cassidy James Blaede on 2011-09-04

In Ubuntu 11.10 (and I believe in GNOME 3), the indicators contain shortcuts to various system settings pages. In Pantheon, we won't have the GNOME System Settings app, so we'll need to figure out how to manage the indicators, and if we want shortcuts in them at all.

Also, we need to remove the shortcuts to settings from indicator-power.

Any changes that we think we can push upstream (such as checking for -symbolic icons and falling back to colored variants) should be submitted to the upstream projects for review.

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elementary core
Mario Guerriero
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Accepted for 0.2-luna
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Daniel Fore on 2012-05-14
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Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff on 2012-10-26


The following indicators have shortcuts to the settings app:
- Bluetooth
- Network
- Power
- Sound
- Time
- User
- Session

I think having a single item at the bottom of each of these menus that points to Switchboard *may* be alright (it's discoverable), but it's pretty redundant. If the preferred method of adjusting settings is by launching Switchboard itself like a normal app, I feel that we should encourage and enforce that by not littering shortcuts to it all over the indicators. ~cassidyjames

I am, too for the idea. I dont want shortcuts to system specific stuff in ANY indicator. --gotwig

I think we all agree that we don't want to have settings shortcuts in these menus. If there is a way that we can check to see if GCC is installed and then just not show them when it's not, maybe we can upstream that patch. --DanRabbit

IMHO there should be a symlink for gnome-control-center to switchboard, and switchboars should handle it in the right way, so that the right plug gets opened.

If volume indicator is my primary means of working with volume, I use it to open volume settings. As a user, I don't care about switchboard or "redundancy" one bit. Worse, at some point I realized it's bloody hard to find proxy settings which are not in the network indicator. -kalikiana

All the indicators are ok for Luna. We only need to fix some packaging issues. --mefrio


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