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We should push progress and strive to become a GTK3-only distro. GTK3 provides a lot over GTK2, plus if everything was GTK3, it would require less dependencies and things like the theme would be 100% consistent.

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milestone icon freya-beta1
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Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
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Cody Garver

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Untargeting from Luna; we can't fix update manager and decorators. --shnatsel

re-tardeting to Luna because we're done ;) Gala uses GTK3 and update manager has been GTK3 for a long time --DanRabbit

Somehow removing libgtk2.0-0 removes a damn lot of packages, including Empathy, Evince, Simple Scan, OpenJDK, Totem, eGTK and elementaryicons, all indicators, update-manager, shotwell and Zeitgeist. Something is wrong here... --shnatsel

I've tracked down the issue to librsvg2-common depending on GTK2, and apps depending on librsvg2-common in turn. Might be fixable by cherrypicking librsvg2-common from debian/quantal. --shnatsel

For the record, I've identified the issue with
 $ apt-rdepends -d elementary-icon-theme | grep ' -> "libgtk2'

I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about libgksu2-0. So we'll have to patch them to use policykit instead if we want to get rid of GTK2 in the OS image. IMHO shipping an extra library is better than all these hacks and patches. --shnatsel

Another thing I think we can do is to recommend apps that use GTK3 (on our future App Centre) over GTK2 apps. -- munchor

For sure, we'll always recommend apps that look/function the best. HIG+Granite > HIG or Granite only > GTK3 only > GTK2. ;) ~cassidyjames

Alright, let's revisit this in Luna +1 then --DanRabbit

The librsvg2-common issue is fixed because Isis will be based on 14.04 (probably, the issue will be fixed regardless) ~CameronNemo

is much work to carry all gtk3 applications, show a public list of applications that want to carry, for my only should work on improving the appearance of firefox, it also proved necessary to implement a kernel series 3.15 - Cesar Callejas


Work Items

Work items:
Port all in-house apps to GTK3: DONE
GTK3 Plank: DONE
Upstream GNOME: DONE
eGTK (Murrine packaging patch): DONE
librsvg2-common packaging (bug 1030866): DONE
zeitgeist-datahub: INPROGRESS
overlay-scrollbar (liboverlay-scrollbar-0.2-0): TODO
libgksu2-0 (required by update-manager, update-notifier): INPROGRESS
Re-check for remaining blockers and blacklist GTK2 in seeds: TODO

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