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There's a couple things we have to do to get Cloud support top Notch in elementary OS:

* Make sure POA works with popular providers. Here's a spreadsheet detailing some popular providers and what their APIs provide:

* Make sure Apps tie into the APIs that make these providers useful.


One of the biggest issues would be servers: they cost A LOT, and elementary doesn't have much money. I think some kind of mobile integration would be much cheaper and on the other hand more useful. --voluntatefaber

A server on a phone? Now that's what I would define as Awesome. :)
Still doesn't change the general idea though. How do we feel about support for a libre cloud in our apps? It would still work, even if elementary is not a provider. -- KevinKleinman

I think elementary should start a Kick-starter to get some money.
Money is needed for a faster development (developers, servers, ...). -- swizzle

I'm not sure we could run an instance of Owncloud at this time, but I would like to make sure that POA supports cloud providers (including Owncloud) and that our apps tie into the APIs that make it useful --DanRabbit

Do you think a cooperation with Mozilla's Firefox sync infrastructure could be feasible? -- orschiro

Why not making the cloud service free to store lightweight informations, (settings, avatar, online accounts, passwords etc...) and ask those who want to store music, photos, videos to pay together for the whole infrastructure and maybe the development. Make the servers status/load publicly available, express how the money is invested and who is the infrastructure provider. Such a cloud service would be avant-garde for it's transparency. -- emmanuel


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