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We should a ship user guide describing Pantheon Shell and other apps with the OS and make it easy to discover.
Ubuntu has a complete introduction to Unity and main desktop apps in Yelp.

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Probably is should be something like - simple, elegant and obvious.
Including the user guide as it is in the website is a must since we have lots of free space on the CD.

We should look into lp:ubuntu-tour; it's a pretty good project that I've actually been involved with in the past. -cassidyjames

I think it should be interactive. For example arrow points at the slingshot button saying: 'Click here to run any app'. When user clicks, the arrow points at Lingo for example, saying 'Lingo is a dictionary. Click here to try it out!'. This way user learns much quicker. -grzesiek1e5

I recall DanRabbit saying something like "If it needs explanation, you should fix your design". Probably this rule applies here, too. ~shnatsel

grgrzesiek1e5: yes, i've proposed something like that in , but it was declined by DanRabbit according to the rule above. ~shnatsel

Byt when someone is migrating from Windows, he will expect things to be similar. He'll try to put things on desktop, download installers from websites (instead of using Appcenter or something), try to run Windows apps without wine, etc. So we need the guide to at least show him the differences (like window controls on the left - we must tell him, that he's able to put them on the right side!). We can also ask him if he want to migrate some things from Windows like settings, or apps, like 'It seems that you used Firefox on Windows. Elementary comes with another web browser by default, but you can install Firefox too, if you wish. '. ~grzesiek1e5

I think a simple snapshot of the User Guide found here would be good. If the user wants more in-depth tutorials, they can head to the site. ~cassidyjames

~Maybe something more interactive like mixing User Guide with Discover from the website. And we must also include some more info about differences caused by Linux/Ubuntu heritage in elementary. For some users migrating from Windows it's hard to understand, that for example their MS Office or DirectX-based games won't work in elementary OS, and they should search alternatives or try wine. ~grzesiek1e5

I'd prefer to do that in-place, like ~shnatsel


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